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>>>Tips to Light the Bathroom...

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Understanding the basic concepts of bathroom lighting will make your bathroom a beautiful, well-lit space.  Use these 5 tips to minimize the amount of shadow and glare, while perfectly brightening up your bathroom.

1. Above the mirror
If you have the space, using diffusers (open or closed) centered above the mirror will minimize shadows on your face. Also, translucent white diffusers work best to avoid any glare, so be careful with clear glass fixtures that expose the bulb - they tend to produce a glare.

2.Beside the mirror
Putting lights beside the mirror, such as sconces, provide the best lighting while minimizing shadows. The sconces should be placed on both sides of the mirror, at face height. The fabulous thing about sconces is that they are fantastic for both task and accent lighting. Since they are placed at face level they are perfect for grooming or applying makeup; and with the multitude of sconces available you won't have to sacrifice style for function!

3. On the mirror
If placing a light directly on the mirror be sure it is as nicely finished in the back as it is in the front. The mirror will be reflecting the back portion (usually unseen) of the light so it has to look good! This option is also nice if you want a clean and sleek look in your bathroom.

4. Recessed
This lighting option is great for a clean, unobtrusive look. The recessed lights become part of the architecture and simply blends into the room. When using recessed lighting, it's best to place them closer to the mirror to get the most light coverage where you need it and avoid as much shadow as possible. Also, putting two or more recessed lights, spaced out in a row, play off each other, creating a lighter, brighter space.

5. Decorative
Decorative lights enhance light coverage, working with other task lights, while adding to the decor and mood of the bathroom. A gorgeous chandelier over a free standing tub, for example, is an instant hit of glam and elegance. To ensure a cohesive look throughout the space, coordinate the materials and finishes of your decorative lighting with the hardware in the room, such as faucets and handles. If using coloured glass, try to keep it away from the mirror as you can discolour the light where you need it most.

Make sure when we plan, we consider safety first!!

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